A Message from Our CEO

Happy New Year!

As we bid farewell to the past and embrace the limitless possibilities of the year ahead, I want to extend my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones on behalf of Suffolk Credit Union.

As we take a moment to reflect on all that we have achieved together, our hearts are filled with pride and gratitude. Your unwavering trust and loyalty have allowed Suffolk Credit Union to thrive even in the face of a challenging economic environment. It's because of your continued partnership that we are able to introduce exciting new initiatives that strengthen our connection with you and empower your possible. Including flexible loan payment options that enable you to maintain your financial momentum and innovative technology to provide responsive and expert service from a live teller via video, even outside of traditional banking hours.

In 2023, we were blown away by the impact of #SuffolkSmiles. Through this community engagement program, we've not only brought smiles to people's faces but also strengthened the bonds within our community. And it wouldn't be possible without your generosity. Thank you for being a part of this impactful program and reinforcing our shared commitment to making a positive difference in our communities. Checkout our #SuffolkSmiles 2023 Donation Highlights!

Here are just a few ways we continued to deliver seamless banking experiences and empower stronger financial lives within our communities in 2023:

Real Easy.

We extended the hours our Personal Bankers are accessible via ITMs.

Real Valued.

We value your four-legged family members and added pet insurance plans, too.

Real Respectful.

Life happens. To help provide financial flexibility we launched our Skip-A-Pay program.

We're thrilled to share that Suffolk has been honored with the title of "Best Credit Union on Long Island" for another year. This accolade is a direct result of your input and the genuine conversations you have about the quality of our services. Your support is our foundation, allowing us to innovate and expand, which in turn enhances the value we provide to you — through improved services, competitive rates, and superior experiences. Each step we take forward is with your interests in mind. Continue to spread the word; your endorsements are invaluable. Our sincere thanks to you, our dedicated members. Let’s keep the excitement alive and our community thriving!

As we move into the new year, we are excited about establishing deeper and more meaningful connections with our members and communities. Our success is tied to yours, and we remain dedicated to exploring new avenues and introducing more features and services that make your financial dreams a reality.


Michele Dean
President & CEO, Suffolk Credit Union