Lending Calculators

Finding the right loan opens the door to possibilities.

Run the numbers before you borrow.

When it comes to borrowing money and refinancing, you have plenty of options. These calculators help you figure out which strategy gets you closer to your goals.

Debt Consolidation Calculator

Rolling everything into one loan with a lower rate can help you save money.

Personal Loan Calculator

Find out what you'll pay monthly and over the life of the loan based on several factors.

HELOC Calculator

Estimate how much equity is available in your home for you to borrow.

HELOC Payment Calculator

Paying a little more each month can help you save money in interest payments.

HELOC Debt Consolidation

You could save money by using a home equity line of credit to pay off all your outstanding debt.

Personal Line of Credit

Find out if refinancing your debt with a line of credit can save you money.