Board of Directors Organizational Meeting

Election Results

The results of the votes are as follows:

Chairman:  James Maggio
Vice Chairman:  Frank Trotta
Treasurer:  Bryan Mastrangelo
Secretary:  Phil Bauccio
Director:  Tanya Palmore
Director:  Edward Reilly
Director:  Robert Schaefer

Supervisory Committee members were elected as currently stands. They will hold their own meeting to elect their Chairman.  

Board Committees


Phil Bauccio
Rob Schaefer
Tanya Palmore
Ed Reilly

Member Services:

Frank Trotta
Bryan Mastrangelo
Tanya Palmore
Sub Committees TBD. - Scholarship


Tanya Palmore
Phil Bauccio
Jim Maggio

Staff persons responsible for Employees Retirement Plan:

Sarah McCandless
Megan Millevoy

Trustees of Employee Retirement Plan

Megan Millevoy
Phil Bauccio
Jim Maggio

BSA Officer

Michael Goldstein