Celebrate Financial Literacy

We make gaining real valuable financial knowledge real easy, year-round.

Grow your financial confidence.

Financial literacy refers to the knowledge and skills needed to wisely manage money, focused primarily on four categories: checking, saving, credit, and debt. As a foundation for lasting financial wellness, financial literacy can help you avoid common money pitfalls, weather rough times, and get the most from your funds.

During Financial Literacy Month (April) and beyond, Suffolk Credit Union invites you to learn core money concepts that can help strengthen your finances and deliver peace of mind. Explore the resources we’ve compiled below to get started.

The Significance of Savings

Learn about four pillars of financial education that can help shape your family's journey.

Explore the benefits and uses of emergency savings.

How to Get the Most from Checking Accounts Starting with the Basics

The Checking Essentials

Momentum Checking

This everyday account is way better than ordinary.

How Long Will Your Credit Card Debt Last?

Estimate how long it will take to pay off your credit card balance based on the interest rate and the amount you pay each month.