Business Savings

Save today and prepare your business for the future. 

Build up the cash reserves that lead to tomorrow's success.

With our Savings Accounts, Money Markets and CDs, your business can create a savings strategy that puts you in prime position when it's time to make your next big move. 

Both Money Markets and Share Certificates are safe, secure routes to higher dividend rates.

In business, money talks. But it's also the launching pad for taking action on any number of levels. Whether you're planning a major purchase, a market expansion or just hedging against unexpected expenses, Suffolk Credit Union offers three savings solutions to help your businesses build a strong financial foundation.

Savings Accounts

  • Open with just $5
  • Establishes your Suffolk Credit Union membership
  • Provides you access to loans and other services
  • Easy access to funds through Online and Mobile banking
  • Pays regular dividends

Insured Money Market

  • Higher dividend rates than most traditional savings account
  • Builds reserves faster, with no risk to initial deposit
  • Funds remain liquid, with easy access through digital banking tools
  • Secure accounts, with deposits insured by National Credit Union Administration

Insured Share Certificates

  • Certificate lengths ranges from 3 months to 5 years
  • Higher dividend rates than most traditional savings accounts
  • In general, longer term Certificates pay higher rates
  • Predictable returns facilitates long-term planning 
  • Deposits insured by National Credit Union Administration

Financial Education

Tips to tune-up your financial plan.

Business Loans

Tailored solutions to fit your company's needs.