Own your financial future with CreditScore+

An exciting new feature available in online banking to Suffolk Credit Union members!

  • CreditScore+ empowers consumers with real-time credit monitoring, insights, and alerts.

CreditScore+ equips you with a full suite of credit tools that enable you to understand and more effectively manage your credit score. With tools like a credit score tracker, alerts, credit score simulator and debt analysis, enrolling in CreditScore+ can take you one step closer to your financial goals.1

Product Benefits

Financial empowerment

Take control of your financial journey with tools to manage credit effectively.

Confidence in financial decisions

Make informed decisions with the knowledge and insights provided by the tool.

A comprehensive financial management experience

Check and monitor your credit through the Suffolk Mobile App or online banking without having to go elsewhere for the information.

Product Details

Credit Score and Tracker

  • Access your credit score with detailed insights about how your behavior within the six credit score factors (Payment History, Credit Card Use, Derogatory Marks, Credit Age, Total Accounts, and Hard Inquiries) affects your credit score.
  • Find financial education and personalized pro tips to help you better manage you credit score and overall financial health.

Credit Report

  • View your full credit report to help you make informed decisions about your credit. Reports refresh monthly.
  • Reports include: Credit Score, Credit Summary, Personal Information, Accounts, Credit Inquiries, and Public Records.

Credit Alerts

  • Receive alerts whenever there is a credit event such as a new account being opened or a hard credit inquiry.
  • Additional alerts, such as balance changes, public records, address changes, delinquencies, and score changes are also available.

Credit Score Simulator2

  • See how potential actions, such as taking out a car loan or transferring credit card balances, could positively or negatively impacts your credit score.
  • Find information explaining why your score might increase or decrease and what it means for your credit profile.

Debt Analysis

  • Explore outstanding debts, liabilities, and monthly payments to empower yourself to make better financial decisions. 
  • By opting to enter income information, you can gain even further insights on your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio by using the real-time DTI calculator. 
  • Receive educational information about what lenders are looking for.

Credit Score Factors

  • Payment history
  • Credit card use
  • Derogatory marks
  • Credit age
  • Total accounts
  • Hard inquiries

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1Please note that enrolling in CreditScore+ can help with financial goals but it is not guaranteed

2 The Credit Score Simulator shows a possible outcome for demonstration purposes and may not be predictive of one’s actual final score.

CreditScore+ Frequently Asked Questions

CreditScore+ is a resource for our members to view a variety of items related to their credit such as score, report, alerts, access to simulators, and more!


No, this is a feature to guide our members on their credit journey. Suffolk Credit Union will not base loan decisions on CreditScore+ data.

If you have set up any alerts with Experian, this is where they are viewable.

If you see something on your credit report that does not look correct, please reach our directly to Experian through the contact channels listed on their website, www.experian.com.

The Credit Reports viewable in CreditScore+ are updated once per month.

Your score is impacted by many variables. The Score Simulator shows a possible outcome based on the data available from the last update, but is only for reference and not guaranteed.

Looking for more personalized guidance? Take advantage of our Financial Counseling Services.