Earn cash back from your everyday purchases from your favorite brands.

Bonus cash for your everyday purchases. It just adds up!

From groceries to gas, now you can get cash back just from buying the daily things you need. With CashBack+, you can receive up to 20% cash back when you purchase digital gift cards using funds from your checking or savings accounts to do your everyday shopping.

Purchase additional gift cards through the CashBack+ Marketplace, or transfer your cash back balance to your Momentum Checking or Savings account. The best part is that the offers are personalized to you!

Using CashBack+ is:


Simply, purchase a digital gift card and instantly receive an additional percentage of your gift card value as cash back.


Once purchased, your digital gift card will immediately be available within your CashBack+ Wallet. Transferring cash back to your accounts only takes up to 24 hours.


There are no fees associated with utilizing cash back from our online or mobile banking app!

Login to Online Banking or the Suffolk Credit Union Mobile App and get started today!

CashBack+ Frequently Asked Questions

An enhancement to our previous Suffolk Offers – CashBack+ places the savings into a digital wallet versus receiving a discount on the purchase of brand name gift cards. This allows you the flexibility of building up the "cash back" for savings OR to rack up those discounts for purchasing even more gift cards!

No, you can transfer as little as $1, up to your full Cashback Balance to your selected internal account.

Sorry, you cannot apply your balance as partial payment. The CashBack+ balance would need to be equal to or greater than the gift card purchase amount.