Do Debt Differently

Put more money back in your wallet with an app that helps you manage your savings and minimize your debt.

Managing debt is one of the biggest challenges many of us face today. Suffolk Credit Union is committed to #empoweringyourpossible and help you manage debt in ways that take you to your dreams sooner. That’s why we’re excited to now offer Changed.

Changed is an all-in-one debt repayment platform that allows you to link all your loans and spending accounts into one easy to use application. Changed analyzes your spending habits and debt load and builds a repayment method to get you out of debt sooner.

How Changed does it.

Connect your loans

First, you connect your loans and Changed will help with recommendations to choose which debts to pay off first based on your goals. Set it, forget it, and make an impact on your finances.

Changed will automate savings

Then, Changed will work in the background and automate savings such as rounding up your daily purchases and using that “spare change” to send to your debt of choice. Additional payments are automated, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

See how much you're saving!

Finally, Changed will project how fast you can pay off your debt and show you how much time and money you’re saving.

Check out Changed

Make progress toward your debt daily with Changed. Now offered in our mobile app and online banking

Changed FAQs

Changed is a subscription-based debt and savings management benefit that allows our members to use checking account purchases/transfers for round ups. These round ups can be placed towards debt repayment or savings after hitting the selected round up goal.

  • Standard Mode: Rounds up all purchases and bill payments 
  • Budget Mode: Omits whole dollar round ups
  • All Transactions: Includes whole dollar round ups and internal transfers, deposits, fees, etc. 

Your payment threshold is a set dollar amount when Changed deposits/pays into to your account/loan from your Total Changed Payoff Balance account. As you save roundups and boosts in the app, your savings will be stored in your Total Changed Payoff Balance account until your payment threshold is met. Payment thresholds can be set to $100, $50, or $25.

All accounts! Your funding account must be a designated checking account, but you can deposit/pay from your Total Changed Payoff Balance account into multiple accounts, such as Auto Loans, Mortgages, Credit Cards, etc.

This is a set dollar amount you can transfer to Changed to Boost your savings by saving faster and sending payments more often. You can set a one time or scheduled boost that fits your budget.


Yes, from multiple financial institutions also.

Although free to download, the Changed basic plan is $6/month ($4/month if billed annually). You can upgrade to the plus plan for $9/month ($7/month if billed annually) or to the premium plan which is $15/month ($11/month If billed annually).

  • Credit Card Payoff
  • Pay Multiple Debts at Same Time
  • Unlimited Bank Links
  • $50 Payment Threshold
  • $50/day Boost Limit
  • Multiply Roundups by 3X

  • Same Day Transfers
  • $25 Payment Threshold
  • $100/day Boost Limit
  • Multiply Roundups by 3X, 5X, & 10X
  • Multiply Perk Points by 5X

Yes, by 2, 3, 5, & 10X!

All contact information is based on what we currently have in Online/Mobile Banking, so please ensure this information is up to date.